Sesamo Promotion SRL

Sesamo Promotion was born in the mid-90s under the guidance of Renato Piana, reaching in a few years the leadership in the field of placemats in Europe.

Quality and innovation are the pillars on which the company mission is based, creating unique products for their characteristics, blending traditions and technology deriving from different manufacturing sectors.

The company, based in Albavilla, has fallen into a geographical area that has been synonymous with quality for over half a century. The intrinsic know-how of this industrial center is a source of inspiration for the creation of materials and products unique in the world.

Our placemat is the only one in Europe to enjoy a real certification for food contact, without design and research into decorations becoming secondary. An ideal product for every table that can satisfy the most rigid controls and the most demanding tastes.

A continuous presence in the largest fairs in Europe has allowed us to launch our carpet with great success; synonymous with strength and design. This product does not struggle to compete with the world’s top sellers.

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